Friday, September 17, 2010


Another favorite beach with the locals and Malaysian week-enders is Batu Hitam beach. Coming from Kuantan, about 10 km away, the Batu Hitam Kampung or village is actually on the left side of the road and the beach on the right across the road.
The beach area is usually crowded during week-ends by picnickers from far and near.
black stones at batu hitam beach, pahang
Batu Hitam beach is about 10 km from Kuantan. Its peculiarity is that there is a stretch of black stones at the otherwise white sandy beach. That’s the reason for its name – "Batu Hitam" in Malay means “Black Stones”. As the black sand glitters under the blazing sun washed by the waves of the South China Sea, it will be a sight to behold!!
Other than the prominence of the black stones there, you will also find that there are ample space for camping and enjoying by the beach and sea. Here at Batu Hitam beach, the visitors mostly come to picnic with the family and to swim in the sea. After the swim, you can clean yourself as there is a bath and toilet facility at the place.
Seafood stalls are also available near the area. You can try the local dishes, like fried noodles, curry noodles and fried rice. Fruit juices and aerated drinks are sold there too.

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